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X Pattern Design Plate


Metal Embossing Texture Plates | Curved x Symbol with Small Oval Flowers

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X Pattern Design Plate

An ideal border to use for metal embossing projects. Use this x pattern design plate as a stand-alone design or as a border to compliment another embossing design.

Curved x Symbol

The plate design has more than one curved x symbol. The curve softens the shape and creates a more flowy x. Between each x, there is a simplified oval floral shape.
To begin with, secure your pewter or your metal of choice to the x pattern texture plate using painters or masking tape. With the metal attached to the plate, start rubbing over the texture plate using your finger and then a paper stump. This rubbing process will begin pressing the metal into the concaves of the texture plate and exposing the curved x symbol and the oval flower. By the way, a paper stump is used by artists to blend colors when working with pastels or to create shadows and smudges when working with charcoal, graphite, or other drawing media.
With the design from the texture plate visible, switch your paper stump for a Teflon tip tool or a plastic burnishing tool and stylus and start pushing the metal closer to the design of the x pattern texture plate. Make sure to get all the detail in the texture plate, as this will make the next step easier. Use a stylus and reline the design on the texture plate, taking care to get into the small corners for a crisper design.
Remove the pewter or metal from the x pattern design plate and decide which side to use. There will be an embossed as well as a debossed side. With the decision made, fill the cavities with beeswax or a filler. After the beeswax set, you can add extra details to the design before adhering it to the substrate of choice.

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