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Vine Texture Plate


Vine Texture Plate | Vine Leaf Texture

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Vine Texture Plate

It’s the perfect texture for running vine. Create borders and more with this vine leaf texture plate.

Vine Texture Ideas

Have some empty wine bottles that need sprucing up? Here is the solution. Decorate the empty bottles with either pewter or clay.
By the way, why not use both pewter and clay to embellish the wine bottle. Place some pewter backside down onto the texture plate. After running your finger or paper stump over the pewter, creating the texture vine on the pewter, use a refiner to neaten the vine design. After removing the pewter from the vine texture plate, fill the back with a filler of choice to prevent denting when touching the vine texture.
For the most part, polymer clay vine leaves can be created using the vine texture plate. Always dust the plate with a light dusting of corn starch before adding the clay. Once the clay has been baked according to instruction on the polymer clay package, it can be glued on top of the pewter leaves, adding another layer.
It’s the perfect texture for running vine around the bottle or even snaking up or down the bottle. Adhere the pewter vine texture to the bottle using Sookwang double sided adhesive tape. An alternate glue needs to be used when only polymer clay was used.
The wine leaf texture can also be used as decorative borders, whether pewter or polymer clay was used.

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