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Unfinished Wood Shapes


Unfinished Wood Shapes | Choose from a variety of shapes to use as metal embossing blanks, or for DIY crafts.

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Unfinished Wood Shapes

These unfinished wooden shapes are ready to paint, stain or decorate.  They are flat on both sides, so double the decorating surface. Also, having a hole makes it convenient for hanging; string ribbon, string or even yarn through the hole. Pending on the shape, they are between three inches and four inches long. The width also depends on the form of the unfinished wood shapes.

Wood Cutouts for Crafts

There are so many uses for unfinished wood cutouts. First, personalized them and use them as a gift tag. Imagine how impressed a friend will be receiving a gift and something extra with their name on it. During the festive season and the holidays, they can double up as wood cutouts tree decorations. Ideas for seasonal wood cutouts decorations are “baby name” first Christmas, personalize it for a newlywed couple celebrating their first season together. Do not forget about the four-legged friends, no reason why seasonal unfinished wood cutouts can be decorated with their name on them. Add some embellishment to make it more personal to them. Next, embellish a couple of the wood cutouts tree decorations in a theme; it will be the perfect handcrafted gift for that one friend that is oh so sentimental. Painting them in festive colors can be perfect for the season.
Are you having a get-together with friends or family? First, use these wooden cutouts to identify the different drinks and even some of the foods. Then, add string, ribbon, or thin chain through the hole of the unfinished wooden shapes and hang around the neck of bottles. In this case, it will be perfect as the name of the drink or item will be on both sides.
Love doing craft with kids, these wood cutouts for crafts are perfect for decorating. They can personalize it and add it as a nametag to their toy basket. Another idea is to decorate it and use it as a door hanger for their bedroom door. The wooden shapes for crafts are ideal as teacher’s gifts. Every teacher will appreciate a DIY item decorated especially for them. There is no end to the possible uses for the unfinished wooden cutouts.
These unfinished shapes are ready for all your crafting needs throughout the year.
See how to make this metal embossed jewelry piece, using the round unfinished wood shape as a blank.

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Weight0.0125 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 0.125 in

Angel, Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Circle, Egg Shape, Heart, Mitten, Star