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Trinket Box Kit


Trinket Box | Small Wooden Trinket Box

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Trinket Box Kit

The small wooden trinket box kit is the perfect project to start with when wanting to try metal embossing. It is cost-effective and can be complete in a short time. Instructions on how to complete the kit are included.

Decorative Trinket Boxes

This wooden trinket box metal embossing kit is perfect for a beginner. It can be completed within a couple of hours. 
A handy kit to have on hand for the more advanced pewter artist; sometimes we need to make something that is quick and easy.
New to the art of metal embossing? This will be the perfect practice kit. It is cost-effective as the metal in the kit is aluminum foil and not pewter. It is NOT the aluminum foil we are using in our kitchens as those are too thin. The aluminum foil in the kit is nearly the same thickness as the pewter. Many metal embossing and pewter artists started out using aluminum before turning to pewter.
The trinket box kit is well suited for kids too. It is easy to work with aluminum and as for the designs, for the most part, it will be almost like writing. In this case, it will not be with a pen or pencil, but with a Teflon tool or a stylus. Basic shapes, lines, and scribbles can be engraved onto the aluminum. A variety of other tools can be used to enhance the design, for example, a ball and cup tool to create perfect little balls or spheres, texture wheels to round off the design, or the aluminum can be placed on a texture plate to create the design. The small wooden trinket box can be kept the natural wood color before adhering the aluminum to the box, or it can be painted, same goes for the inside of the trinket box, leave as is, or decorate using paint or more.
There are so many uses for a wooden trinket box, for instance, use as a small jewelry case, a treasure chest for kids, or use it as a gift container. Decorative trinket boxes can also fill a small space in a vignette when redecorating a home or office. Add decorative trinket boxes to bookshelves, they might not be heavy enough to use as bookends, but they will look pretty.

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Dimensions4 × 2.25 × 2.5 in

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