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Texture Plates for Metal


Texture Plates for Metal | Background and Big Area Texture


Texture Plates for Metal

Texture plates for metal are not only for metal but for various other mediums. These texture plates are great for adding texture to backgrounds or bigger areas.

Texture Plates for Clay

One of the other mediums suited for texture plates for metal is clay. It works well with airdry clay as well as polymer clay. Compared to airdry clay, polymer clay works well with the more delicate or smaller design background texture. However, the more delicate or smaller design background texture on some of the texture plates might not work with the airdry clay due to the texture of the clay. When using the texture plates for clay, remember to dust the plate with corn starch, preventing the clay from sticking to the plate and making it easy to remove. Brushing with the corn starch will also avoid distortion of the background texture designs.
Secure some pewter, colored aluminum or copper to the background texture plates using painters or masking tape. Use the same process for transferring the designs onto the metal as one would use for the texture plates, namely, rub over the background texture designs using first your finger, then a paper stump before changing to a Teflon tip tool and a stylus. When using the bigger plates to create a background on a metal embossing project, there is no need to accentuate every detail. By not emphasizing all the details on the texture plate, you create a grungy or distressed look on the metal, which make for a great background.
One can achieve the same effect when using the texture plates for clay by not pressing or rolling the clay with the same pressure throughout. However, doing this needs careful planning, as it can quickly look as if you did not press the clay properly onto the background texture plates.

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 4.625 × 0.25 in
Background Texture

Small Nesting Squares, Square on Square Lines