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Teflon Tip Stylus


Teflon Tip Stylus | A variety of Teflon Tip Stylus is available for metal embossing. Choose the tip suited for your embossing needs.


Teflon Tip Stylus For Metal Embossing

There is a variety of Teflon Tip Stylus available for metal embossing. They come in double-sided as well and single-end tip tools. The Teflon tips glide over metal, making it ideal for embossing metal. The metal tips can result in some resistance from working with metal on metal. However, using a lubricant eliminates this issue. When refining an embossed design, a metal embossing artist would typically use a metal or steal tip stylus.

Teflon Tools for Metal Embossing

What makes the Teflon tools so popular for metal embossing? Teflon has a high melting temperature, outstanding chemical resistance, and self-lubrication properties. Due to the exceptional chemical resistance, artists embossing with Teflon tip tools can use them after the patina and polishing process. Patina is a chemical and corrosive to metal; therefore, one does not use metal tools after patina, as tools can rust. However, using Teflon tools for metal embossing after the patina is excellent because the patina is not corrosive to the Teflon tools.
Furthermore, the Teflon tip stylus comes in handy as metal tape art tools. They come with a variety of tips, so there are many used for them. Use your Teflon tip tool to create designs on the metal tape or refine around die-cuts placed under the metal tape. Compared to metal tools for embossing, the metal tape art tools glide over the metal tape again because of their self-lubrication properties.
When embossing metal, the different tips of the Teflon tip tools come in handy, each having its purpose. For example, the Teflon Ball Tool is excellent for embossing a wider line. The Teflon Slanted Edge Tool works perfectly to even out your pewter or metal right up to the design. Like the Teflon Slanted Edge Tool, the Teflon Rounded Tip Tool also works well when embossing metal as a refiner.

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MercArt Teflon Tip/Chisel Tool – Double Sided, Teflon Ball Tool, Teflon Deer Foot Tool, Teflon Rounded Tip Tool, Teflon Slanted Edge Tool, Teflon Ball Tool Big, Teflon Ball Tool Medium, Teflon Refiner/Deerfoot Double-Sided Tool, Teflon Round/Deer Foot Narrow Double-Sided Tool