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Sunflower Texture Rubbing Plate


Metal Embossing Texture Plates | Sunflower Texture Rubbing Plate

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Sunflower Texture Rubbing Plate

The sunflower texture rubbing plate is ideal when you need small sunflower décor. There is a sunflower in the center of the plate as a focal point, with two smaller sunflowers on either side with a stem and two leaves.

Small Sunflower Décor

The possibilities for small sunflower décor are endless, especially when combining mediums and fall décor. Sunflowers don’t always have to be big; small metal sunflowers will add an extra touch to any décor. Décor created using the texture rubbing plate is perfect for almost every room in your home.
Although sunflower metal art is popular for outside décor, especially walls, it can also look great indoors. A band of small metal sunflowers will look great around a kitchen or bathroom soap dispenser.
How to use the sunflower texture rubbing plate? Not only does it work well for metal embossing projects, but it is also great for paper crafting. Place and secure your pewter, aluminum, or copper onto the texture rubbing plate. Start by rubbing over with your finger and then using a paper stump. These actions will etch the small sunflowers into your metal. You can use a stylus to refine around by pushing the pewter close to the sunflower design.
Wet your paper slightly when using the texture plate for paper crafts. Sprits your paper with water; however, ensure it is a light sprit, or your paper will tare when it is too wet. Combine the sunflower on paper with a band of small metal sunflowers. This combination will look good on greeting cards.
The texture rubbing plate works well with polymer clay as well. It would be best if you dusted the texture plate with a light dusting of cornstarch to prevent the polymer clay from sticking to the plate. The cornstarch acts as a releasing agent for the clay.

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