• two small bottles of stazon stamp cleaner
  • bottle of stamp cleaner with a spray nozzle
  • a bottle of stamp cleaner with a dapper to apply the stamp cleaner
  • two small bottles of all purpose stamp cleaner, one with a spray nozzle and the other with a dabber applicator
  • close-up of the spray nozzle and dabber on two stazon stamp cleaner bottles
  • stazon-stamp-cleaner

StazOn Stamp Cleaner – Tsukineko


Stazon | Stamp Cleaner

Available in a spray and a dauber.


StazOn Stamp Cleaner – Tsukineko

The Stazon stamp cleaner from Tsukineko can remove both water-based and solvent-based inks. It cleans equally well whether it is clear or rubber stamps. They come in bottles, and there are two applicators to choose from. You can choose from a spray nozzle or a dauber. Both are handy to have.

All Purpose Stamp Cleaner

In addition to cleaning stamps, the StazOn all purpose stamp cleaner is perfect for cleaning StazOn ink off metal. This makes it a valuable item to have in your metal embossing toolkit.
Why valuable – using stamps on metal is one way to transfer designs for embossing onto your metal. It would be best to use StazOn ink pads, as other ink pad inks won’t dry on the metal. The StazOn ink needs a couple of minutes to set or dry after stamping, but you can emboss over the stamped image once dry. The ink color does not matter; use a color complementary to your design. Here is a video on different ways to transfer designs onto metal; stamping is one of them.
Stamp something on your pewter or other metal and when you are not happy with the stamped image or design, sprits the all purpose stamp cleaner over the stamp design and wipe with a paper towel or soft cloth.
There are several ways to clean stamps using StazOn stamp cleaner from Tsukineko. Stamp cleaning pads are available for cleaning your stamps using the stamp cleaner. The stamp cleaning pads have two sides to them. You will spray the stamp cleaner on one side, and the other will stay dry. Rub the stamp with ink, first over the wet pad and then on the dry pad. Cleaning stamps this way works for both the original StazOn ink pads and the metallic ones.
The convenient spray nozzle makes it easy to clean stamps without using a stamp cleaning pad. Using the spray nozzle is great for reaching the deeper bends of your stamps for effective cleaning. Spray the stamp cleaner onto your stamp and wipe it clean using a paper towel or a soft cloth.
The dauber is handy when removing a section of your design but keeping the rest.

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Weight0.168 lbs
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 5.25 in

Dauber Top, Spray