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StazOn Metallic Solvent Ink Kit


StazOn Metallic | Gold, Silver


StazOn Metallic Ink Kit

The StazOn metallic solvent ink kit contain a blank ink pad, one bottle of metallic StazOn gold, or one bottle of StazOn metallic silver inker and a small squeegee for spreading the StazOn metallic ink into the stamp pad. 

How and more on StazOn Metallic Ink

When opening the kit, shake the StazOn metallic ink inker well before use. There is a little ball in the inker to help with this process. Apply 5 – 8 drops of the ink onto the stamp pad and use the squeegee to spread the metallic ink evenly over the pad. The best practice is to apply the drops to one end of the StazOn metallic ink pads and then spread it to the opposite side. From there it can be spread in all directions to get solid coverage. By the way, when using a small stamp, adjust the drops and the area on the stamp pad to be covered.
The StazOn metallic gold and StazOn metallic silver inks were designed specifically for use on non-porous surfaces, which makes them perfect for use on metal or pewter. They can also be used on paper and other porous surfaces; however, they may not result in a fully metallic effect. Although it is a fast-drying solvent ink, allow 5 – 10 minutes to dry on non-porous surfaces, pending the humidity and temperature. When using it on metal or pewter, it can be sealed with a sealant before adding additional color like for example alcohol inks or glass paints.
The StazOn metallic inkpads dry out quickly, so make sure to replace the inner plastic cover and close the stamp pad immediately after use. When the pad is dry, replenish it with a couple of drops from the inker and spread out. Always clean stamps immediately after use, using StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner. This cleaner can also be used to remove the solvent ink from the pewter before it is sealed.


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Weight0.156 lbs
Dimensions5.375 × 2.75 × 0.625 in

Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic