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StazOn Ink Pad – Tsukineko


StazOn Inkpad| Black, Forrest Green, Saddle Brown, Timber Brown

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StazOn Ink

StazOn ink is formulated for use specifically on non-porous surfaces. This solvent ink works equally well on porous surfaces too. There are a variety of Stazon ink pad colors available.

How to Use the StazOn Ink Pad

As a result of the StazOn ink being formulated for non-porous surfaces, a whole new world of possibilities opened for metal embossing enthusiasts.
The solvent ink is fast drying, although it does take longer to dry when used on pewter, metal, and other non-porous surfaces. In addition to humidity, the temperature can also play a role in the drying time. To be on the safe side, when working on metal, give it a good 5 to 10 minutes to dry before touching. Always good practice to replace the small plastic cover and then cover the StazOn ink pad as exposure to air will dry out the stamp pad.
For the most part, StazOn black ink is used with stamps during the embossing design process. There are so many stamps available that are suited for stamping on metal to be embossed or even high relief projects. Generally, commercial stamps are readily available, but one can also carve stamps. Sketch the design on the carving block and start carving. These self carved stamps can be used with any of the StazOn ink pad colors.
Stamping your metal … load your stamp with StazOn black ink and stamp onto the front of the metal.  Make sure to keep a steady hand. You can also use a stamp baren to ensure a full stamped image. Furthermore, take care when lifting the stamp, not to smear the stamped image or design. Leave to dry for 5 – 10 minutes. Test to see if the ink is dry, if yes, start embossing, engraving, or high relief where needed. Additional color can be added to the metal using alcohol inks or sharpie pens.  Always seal the project as color and even the StazOn ink can scratch off.
While waiting for the ink to dry, clean your stamps thoroughly with StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner.

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Black, Forrest Green, Saddle Brown, Timber Brown

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