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Square and Gap Texture Wheel


Square and Gap Texture Wheel | MercArt Decorative Wheel for Metal Embossing and Polymer Clay Projects.

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Square and Gap Texture Wheel

Create texture, borders and more using a square and gap texture wheel. This texture wheel has a steel handle that is 4.25-inches long and ±0.375 in diameter. It also has a convenient hollow on the handle for your finger to rest in, making for a good user experience.
The embossing tool for metal or texture roller for clay creates texture and interest in metal embossing and is popular with various clays. For the most part, using it with polymer clay is the most popular. As with metal, the wheel or roller can create borders on polymer clay. Use it to round off a polymer clay jewelry piece, for example, a broach, a pendant or more. Texture rollers for clay come in a variety of withs. In this case, the texture wheel is a narrow design, ± 1/8-inch wide, making it easy to add smaller and more focused textures or designs to the polymer clay projects.
In addition to creating texture, after transferring images to polymer clay, use the texture roller for clay to create a border or a frame. One of the wheels with dots is excellent for this purpose. Use one of the other texture wheels to enhance the transferred image.
Use the texture wheel or embossing tool for metal to create small squares or blocks on metal embossing or pewter art. Fill in backgrounds around the embossed design, using the square with gap texture wheel. In addition to completing backgrounds, the metal embossing tool is ideal for creating decorative borders on a metal sheet. It is suitable to use with various metals, including pewter, aluminum foil and copper.
In short, whether metal or clay is your preferred medium, the square with gap texture wheel will always come in handy.

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Dimensions5 × 0.375 × 0.375 in