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Scroll Metal Embossing Plate


Texture Plates | Scroll Metal Embossing Plate

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Scroll Metal Embossing Plate

The scroll metal embossing plate is a plate with a scroll design that can be transferred to metal, clay, or paper using a hand-held tool. The center of the plate has a Fleur-De-Lis design. Mirror image scrolls are on both sides of the Fleur-De-Lis. The scrolls are bigger in the center and get smaller to the edge of the texture plate.

Metal Embossing Plates

 The metal embossing plates are frequently used in metal embossing and pewter art to add designs. They’re used to create designs on pewter, aluminum, colored aluminum, and copper. Some also refer to the plates as texture or pattern plates.  
As with most texture or pattern plates used in metal embossing, use them for a stand-alone scroll design. Combine the plate design with other embossed designs as a border or a frame. One can create two different looks with the same metal embossing plates. Decide on the side you choose to be the front. Refine, or neaten the design using a stylus. There will be an embossed and debossed design when removing the pewter, aluminum, colored aluminum, or copper from the scroll metal embossing plates. Remember to refine the design after removing the metal from the scroll metal embossing plate.
With the decision made as to which you prefer to be the front, fill the back cavities with beeswax and let set. With the beeswax set and hardened, add extra details to the design. Add details to either the background or the areas filled with wax. Use your stylus for this.  
A scroll design adds movement to a design with the rounded or curved lines of the scroll. The use of curved lines also softens the design. The scrolls can vary from spirals to rolling incomplete circles. A scroll design can include plant scrolls that loosely represent vines or leaves attached to vines. Some resemble the edge view of a book or a document in scroll form.

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