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Rudolph Wreath DIY


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Spend a fun day creating this Rudolph Wreath DIY by covering a paper mache reindeer head with metal tape. It is a wreath best suited for indoors. Optional: dress it up with paper poinsettias.


Rudolph Wreath DIY

Create your Rudolph wreath DIY project in one day.
Think of all your compliments for your Rudolph the red-nose reindeer wreath. You will use metal tape for this beautiful wreath.
  • Investment including taxes: $80.50
  • Time commitment: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (allow 30 minutes extra)
  • All supplies are included
  • Studio tools are available to use; no need to bring your own
  • 30 Minute Lunch Break: Tea and coffee provided
  • Please Bring:
    • A light lunch
    • Indoor shoes

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Wreath

The wreath is an indoor wreath, as the base is a paper mache. Even if you seal it well, snow or water damage changes are always there.
You will use metal craft tape cut into strips or shapes to cover the paper mache reindeer blank or substrate. Choose whether you want texture for your Rudolph wreath, or do you prefer a smoother finish? No matter your choice, your wreath will look great.
When you want texture, add some embossing designs or texture to the metal craft tape before adhering it to the paper mache blank. Using embossing folders is a great way to add texture to the tape. Running the tape through the embossing machine using a variety of folders can add interest to your wreath. Plan your layout and decide which texture to use on which area. By the way, you can also do a mix-and-match placement with the textured tape. Start by placing pieces of the textured tape at random spots and then fill in the gaps using the different textured metal craft tape.
Are you looking for a Rudolph wreath with less texture? Adhere some die-cuts at strategic places before you start adding the metal tape. As an example, if you want to accentuate the cheeks of the reindeer wreath, place the die-cuts on the metal tape cheeks and then the metal tape. Using a stylus or a Teflon tip tool, work the metal tape into the design.
With the paper mache reindeer wreath entirely covered in metal tape, you will add faux-patina or blackening agent and polish it to shine again.
After sealing the reindeer metal tape wreath, add the red nose, and this will be a true Rudolph the red nose reindeer wreath. Adding poinsettias is optional.

Additional information

Date - One Day

1. Saturday November 26, 2022, 2. Saturday November 26, 2022