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Pewter Sheets for Embossing – Lead Free, Medium (36 gauge) Letter Size (11 inches x 8.5 inches) 2-Pack


Pewter for Metal Embossing | Pewter Sheets for Embossing, 36 Gauge, Lead Free, Letter Size

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Pewter Sheets for Embossing

The lead free pewter sheets for embossing are packed between sturdy cardboard for shipping to minimize damage to the sheets. The sheets are separated by tracing paper. Because pewter is a soft metal, we take our utmost care when packing items for shipping. We want to make sure it is received in the best possible condition.

Metal Embossing Pewter Sheets

These soft metal sheets do not take up much space.  Stored the sheets in a book between the pages. Preferably a hardcover book to prevent them from bending. 
When cut in half, they fit perfectly on the cover of A5 notebooks or journals. Create two metal embossed covers. By the way, the sheets can easily be cut to any size to use on covers of different sizes. Besides, who does not love a journal with a personalized and handmade design on the cover? Here is an opportunity to impress the unimpressible. Find a design, grab some tools, pewter sheets for embossing and start the metal embossing project. Something as simple as a name can have a lot of impact.  Use a texture plate to create a frame and add an initial in the center. Pewter sheets for embossing cut to different sizes are perfect for this. Notebooks, photo albums, and more can be personalized this way. Adhere the personalized design, or any other design of choice to the book or substrate using double-sided tape or glue. Generally, it is best practice to first adhere the soft metal sheet with the metal embossing design to cardstock, before adhering to a book cover. By doing it this way, afterward, it can always be removed from the journal or notebook cover and used for something else. These sheets are also perfect to cover picture frames. After engraving or embossing, it can be stuck onto the frame. Cover the whole frame or add a smaller design as an accent on the frame. As someone once said, when something is standing still for a minute, stick pewter to it.

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