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Pewter Sheet – Lead Free, Medium (36 gauge) 6 inches x 6 inches 6-Pack


6 Pewter Sheets | 36 Gauge or ±0.150 mm Thick

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Working with Pewter Sheets

The 6 x 6-inches pre-cut pewter sheet squares are a handy size for when you are new to embossing and want to start working with pewter sheets. In the beginning, using a smaller sheet might not seem so daunting.

How to Work with Pewter Sheets

Before starting to work with metal, there is a couple of things to know that will help on how to work with pewter sheets.
The first question to ask should be how to pewter? There are three basic techniques namely embossing, engraving, also called debossing, mark-making, or etching, and lastly high relief.  
In Northern America, it is more commonly asked how to do metal embossing than how to pewter, or how to work with pewter sheets. To begin with, there are embossing machines that can be used for embossing when working with pewter sheets, however, embossing metal by hand is more popular among artists. 
Embossing metal by hand is a modern-day art form and gives a whole new meaning on how to pewter. There are no pewter ingots involved, only sheets. A few items are needed to start with. Essentials are a mat set that includes the three basic work surfaces, and a stylus. Designs can be added to the essential list, but that will be different for each artist. Some might need a design to work from, although there are artists that do the embossing “on the go”.
Generally working with a pewter sheet, sometimes referred to only as metal, one of the easiest techniques for embossing metal by hand is engraving. It will be almost like writing or creating a design on paper, but in this case, it will be using a stylus and drawing on metal. There are a variety of tools available to enhance the engraving technique, however, for starting out, smaller sheets of metal and basic tools are good.
These 6 x 6-inch engraved designs can be adhered to 5 x 5-inch blanks and folded over to the back will cover the sides. These tiles can be framed separately or mounted onto a canvas or other substrates.

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