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Pewter Metal Sheet – Lead Free Medium (36 gauge) 50 cm x 1 meter


Pewter for Metal Embossing | Lead Free, 36 Gauge, 50 cm x 1 meter

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Pewter Metal Sheet, Lead Free, 36 Gauge, 50 cm x 1-Meter

When you are looking for pewter metal sheet, you have reached the end of your search. We carry a variety of sizes available for every pewter artist needs. 

Embossing Sheets for the Pewter Artist

Our 1-meter pewter sheet metal for sale is ideal when longer pieces or strips of pewter are needed for pewter art projects. 
For a pewter artist, the 1-meter length provides the opportunity to cut strips that is one meter long. These can be embossed, engraved, or more before adhering to the blanks or substrates.  For example, a big mirror can be transformed by adding a pewter border. Miter the ends of the pewter metal sheet strips before adding them to the mirror. Putting it together will imitate frame corners. Make sure the corners are lined up as perfectly as possible. A good idea that might work is to overlap the ends of the strips at 90-degrees. Cut through both strips at a 45-degree angle. Take care not to move the strips when cutting. Sookwang double-sided adhesive sheets will work as an adhesive. Cut the Sookwang sheets, the same width as the pewter metal sheet strips, and lining them up as close as possible to each other. Take care not to overlap the tape. Peel the backing and adhere the pewter to the mirror. Again, make sure the corners are lined up properly.  A glue that is compatible with both metal or pewter and the material of the substrate can also be used. Take care not to add too much glue. Glue seeping out onto the mirror might be difficult to remove.  
Likewise, the pewter strips can be used for more than only mirrors. As per the example, thin strips of pewter were embossed by the pewter artist. Glue was added to the strips and then adhered to the metal plaque.  This time however the corners were not mitered. The corners will be a personal choice. The project can also dictate whether mitered corners will work better.
The pewter sheet metal for sale is available in rolls and there are three lengths to choose from. The pewter metal sheets are also available in convenient precut sizes.



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