• a paverpol sculpture of a garden gnome
  • A DIY Paverpol garden gnome
  • A Paverpol garden gnome sculpture showing the side
  • the back of a gnome paverpol sculpture
  • A Paverpol garden gnome displayed on a table next to a book and orange vase
  • two grey, paverpol garden gnomes before color was added
  • Two Paverpol garden gnomes standing on a table

Paverpol Garden Gnome


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Workshop | Paverpol Garden Gnome

A gnome with a twist – this modern gnome has no beard or hat. Create the body from scratch and add stones as feet and buttons. Personalize your gnome with your color of choice.


Paverpol Garden Gnome

A Paverpol garden gnome with a twist – a modern gnome with no beard or hat.
  • Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023
  • Investment, including taxes: $85.00
  • Time commitment: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm(allow 30 minutes extra)
  • All supplies needed, except aluminum foil, for the workshop included (SEE NOTE ON FEET)
  • Studio tools are available to use – want to bring your tools, please ensure they marked for easy identification
  • 30-Minute lunch break – tea and coffee provided
  • Please bring:
    • Aluminum Foil – not heavy duty
    • FEET: The garden gnome has stone feet and buttons. Please bring your own if you want to use another natural material for the feet and buttons. No plastic buttons, please.
    • A light lunch/A light snack
    • Indoor shoes
    • An apron

DIY Gnome

You will start by sculpting the body of the DIY gnome using a polystyrene base, aluminum foil, and masking tape to secure the aluminum foil if necessary.
Once satisfied with the body and shape, you will add various Paverpol products to your modern gnome sculpture. Your gnome sculpture will need some drying time, and this is where you will go on a treasure hunt for the feet and buttons. Stones are available from the Esmeric Art Studio for you to choose from, or bring your own if you have some. You can also bring other items for feet and buttons if you have something specific in mind. Please remember that Paverpol only adheres to natural fibers and elements; therefore, plastic buttons will not be suited. However, two options are available: covering the plastic buttons with aluminum foil or masking tape and adding Paverpol. This option might take away from the overall look you wanted with your choices. The second option is to use glue to glue the feet and buttons to your gnome’s body rather than using Paverpol as glue.
Finally, you will start adding color to your gnome sculpture. Leave your Paverpol garden gnome to dry for two to three weeks, add sealant, and let dry before placing it in your garden.

Additional information

Date - One Day

1. Saturday May 13, 2023, 2. Saturday May 13, 2023