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Paper Blending Stumps


Metal Embossing Tools | Paper Blending Stumps 6-Pack perfect for flattening around raised embossed designs.

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Paper Blending Stumps

Paper blending stumps (6-pack) are tightly rolled up soft paper with pointed ends. Traditionally paper stumps are used in art for blending mediums like pencil, pastels, graphite, and more.

Tortillon or Paper Pen?

Which is correct –  paper pen or tortillon? Although referred to as both, there is a difference. A paper pen is solid and made from tightly rolled soft paper. Both ends are sharpened or pointed. On the other hand, a tortillon is smaller and usually made from harder paper than used for blending stumps. They are hollow, shorter, lighter, and narrower than paper stumps.
In metal embossing, the paper blending stumps are used for flattening the metal around raised areas. You stretch the metal when working on the back of the metal, doing embossing or high relief. When turning the metal around, you will need something to flatten the background around the raised areas. Paper stumps are perfect for the task. One can also use it to push the metal from the back to create a 3-dimensional effect or high relief.
Similar to blending graphite or pastels on paper, you will work with the sharp end of the blending stump. Very seldom will you use the tippy end of the stump. Working with the pointed end at an angle, you will smooth out and flatten the area around the design.
Sometimes the pewter sheets for metal embossing will curl up while embossing or engraving on the metal. A small roller is handy to flatten the pewter; however, if you do not have a roller, you can use your blending stump for smoothing or uncurling the pewter sheets. The best way to use the stump for smoothing is to lay it flat on one side of the metal and rub it over to the opposite side. Take care when there is high relief, not to flatten your design while smoothing or flattening the metal sheet.

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