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Paisley Texture Plate


Paisley Texture Plate | Paisley Border Design

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Paisley Texture Plate

The paisley design looks like a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. The drop-like motif also referred to as boteh or buta, originated from Persia, but became popular worldwide. Although India started cramming many of the boteh designs into a rich pattern, it was in the west of Scotland, where the paisley designs were produced and the English name for the boteh patters derives from the town of Paisley, also in the west of Scotland.

Paisley Border Design

There are a couple of “stood the test of time” designs and paisley is one of them. Paisley design is used often in the art world as well as in metal embossing. A paisley border design can be the final touch to any project. The good thing about using a paisley design is that the project will not be dated because of the paisley.
Once the pewter or clay had been removed from the paisley design texture plate, more design elements can be added. Outline the paisley design using the dotted small texture wheel, add some extra interest with some ball and cup tools or use the 4 needle point tool. Let the imagination flow. Adhere it to a container as a paisley border design or add it to a journal cover.
The paisley texture plate can also be used together with other texture plates to create designs. When looking at the paisley design texture plate, it almost looks like waves and the two drops can be imagined as little stray drops from the wave. Combining it with the scallop texture plate, a whole ocean scene can be created. 

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