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Multi Design Texture Plate


One Texture Plate | Multi Designs

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Multi Design Texture Plate

One plate, but with planning, there is more than one design option available. The design can also be used in full.

One Texture Plate ... a Variety of Designs

Create a variety of designs using the multi design texture plate. The design is easy to break up into different designs. 
The design can be broken up into smaller designs if not wanted to use as a full complete design. Play and have fun; see how many design combinations can be created with this fun multi design texture plate.
There are other tools available to add some interest to the designs; for instance, create a satin-looking background using the brass brush tool. Use some texture wheels to fill the background around the embossed designs. Fun wheels to use can be, for example, the dotted small wheel, creating a starburst effect around the design. Let the imagination flow and see how many different options can be created.

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