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Horizontal Lines Wide – MercArt Texture Wheel


Horizontal Lines Wide | MercArt texture wheel with horizontal lines of approximately 0.25-inches wide. Use to create interesting backgrounds.

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Horizontal Lines Wide for Backgrounds

The perfect texture wheel to cover big areas with horizontal lines in a small amount of time.
  • The handle is a convenient 4.25 inches long (± 11 cm)
  • Wheel width 0.25 inches (± 8 mm)
  • A convenient wide groove in the handle for resting a finger when using.

Horizontal Lines Designs

For the most part, this wheel is the perfect tool when needing to cover a big area in an embossing project. Use the wheel to create north-south or top to bottom parallel lines. This will especially be effective when wanting to create an elongated effect. When leaving spaces between the lines and adding some perpendicular lines can create a weave-like effect. Change it up, do the horizontal lines on the front of the metal, and the perpendicular lines on the back of the pewter. Same lines, two different design styles.
Create a third design effect by running the parallel lines close together or touching and the same with the perpendicular lines. Explore more ways to be creative with this wheel. Combine with another decorative wheel for even more design effects. The diagonal lines narrow will be a good choice to use with the horizontal lines wide wheel, as it will break the ‘straightness” of the designs.
Furthermore, you can also create a decorative statement border with the horizontal lines texture wheel. Use on its own, or by adding another wheel.
As with most of the texture or decorative wheels, the horizontal lines wide can also be used on paper with both stamp pad ink and acrylic paint, and to create texture on polymer clay. Another idea is to use the wheel on airdry clay to create short lines that are horizontal. The wheel should be used before the clay is too dry.

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Weight0.0625 lbs
Dimensions5.0 × 0.375 × 0.375 in

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