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MercArt Texture Wheel – Horizontal Lines Narrow


Decorative Texture Wheel | Horizontal Lines Narrow

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Horizontal Lines Narrow Wheel for Symmetry

The horizontal lines work well as a decorative element, especially when working with symmetrical designs.
  • The handle is a convenient 4.25 inches long (± 11 cm)
  • Wheel width 1/8 inches (± 3 mm)
  • A convenient wide groove in the handle for resting a finger when using.

Narrow Horizontal Lines and Squares

Stuck with background design inspiration? Think symmetry for backgrounds, even if the design is not. Divide the background into squares and start filling them using the horizontal lines narrow wheel. Alternate between horizontal lines and vertical lines in the square. This will create a parquet-looking design. By the way, when filling the squares with diagonal lines using the horizontal lines narrow wheel, also alternating direction within the squares, multiple designs can be created, using only the one texture wheel. Add another design element, for example, the dotted small wheel to separate the squares.  Imagine the background designs that can be created.
As with most of the texture or decorative wheels, the horizontal lines narrow can also be used on paper with both stamp pad ink and acrylic paint, and to create texture on polymer clay. Another idea is to use the wheel on airdry clay to create horizontal lines that are narrow.

Additional information

Weight0.05 lbs
Dimensions5.0 × 0.375 × 0.375 in

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