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MercArt Texture Wheel – Herringbone with Gap


Decorative Texture Wheel | Herringbone with Gap

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Herringbone with Gap

The pattern on this wheel is the traditional herringbone design with a gap down the center of the herringbone design.
  • The handle is a convenient 4.25 inches long (± 11 cm)
  • Wheel width 0.25 inches (± 8 mm)
  • A convenient wide groove in the handle for resting a finger when using.

Fun with The Gap in the Herringbone Design

The gap in the herringbone design and be used to change an ordinary design into a special design. For example, run the dotted big wheel down the gap, or sections of the gap. By the way, two different designs can be created using the same decorative wheel in or down the gap.  After using the herringbone with gap wheel, run the dotted wheel on the front of the pewter or metal down the gap for engraved dots or run it on the back of the pewter or metal down the gap to create embossed or raised dots. Another decorative wheel that will also complement the herringbone design is the dot dot line wheel. Again, use it on the front, or the back of the pewter or metal, for different effects.
As with most of the texture or decorative wheels, the herringbone with gap can also be used on paper with both stamp pad ink and acrylic paint, and to create texture on polymer clay.

Additional information

Weight0.0625 lbs
Dimensions5.0 × 0.375 × 0.375 in

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