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Dotted Small Wheel – MercArt Texture Wheel


Decorative Texture Wheel | Dotted Small Wheel

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The Popular Dotted Small Wheel

This wheel falls in the middle of the three-dotted wheels available and an extremely popular size to start with.

What Makes This Wheel So Popular

The dotted small texture wheel is an easy way to create snowflakes. To begin with, decide the size of the snowflake. Once that has been established, roll the dotted small wheel from bottom to top, or vice versa to create a vertical line.  Find the middle of the line and roll the wheel right to left, or left to right across the first line, horizontally. Lastly, roll the wheel diagonally at 45-degree angles between the vertical and horizontal lines. The base of the snowflake has been created.  
Create an extravagant snowflake by using the dotted micro wheel and fill the areas between the lines about halfway of the length with micro dots. 
Create an embossed snowflake or star when working on the back of the pewter or metal of choice. (B)
A debossed snowflake or star will be created working on the front of the metal, such as pewter, copper, or aluminum foil. (F)
This decorative texture wheel is also a popular choice to outline smaller designs or to create interest within designs. It can be used to fill backgrounds for example run it horizontally, then vertical over the metal of choice to create square or rectangular pockets. 

There are three sizes of dotted wheels available …





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