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MercArt Texture Wheel – Dot Dot Line Wheel


Decorative Texture Wheel | Dot Dot Line Wheel

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Known as More Than Just the Dot-Dot-Line Wheel

The dot-dot-line wheel is also referred to as the Morse code wheel or the U-wheel. In Morse code, two dots and a line signal a U, therefore the U-wheel or Morse code wheel.

Designing with some Morse Code

The dot-dot-line wheel can be used similarly to the other dotted wheels for outlining designs or to create stand-alone designs. 
When creating backgrounds or looking for texture on the background when working on a metal embossing project, this can be the wheel to use. Roll the wheel randomly in different directions to create interesting background textures. 
The sturdy handle of the wheel is 4.25 inches long (about 11 cm) and has a comfortable grip on it.
Ordinarily, most of the decorative texture wheels are used in short forward and backward movements, however, this wheel is best used in a continuous straight, or curving, forward movement.
As with most of the decorative wheels available at Esmeric Art, the dot-dot-line wheel can also be used with stamp pad ink on paper, however, it creates a solid line when the wheel is used with acrylic paint.

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