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MercArt Texture Wheel – Diamond Wide Wheel


Decorative Texture Wheel | Diamond Wide Wheel

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Diamond Wide Wheel

The diamond wide texture wheel is a popular choice, generally because it can be used to cover a big area in a short amount of time. Especially useful when there is lots of background that needs texture.
  • The handle is a convenient 4.25 inches long (± 11 cm)
  • Wheel width 0.25 inches (± 8 mm)
  • A convenient wide groove in the handle for resting a finger when using.

Use for More Than Metal Embossing

Double up the use of the diamond wide wheel by using it with mixed media projects. The diamond wide wheel creates a line or row of small diamond-like dots and the line is 0.25-inches wide. Run it over some stamp pad ink and then onto paper or other porous surfaces. Tests will need to be done to see which of the porous surfaces will be suited for the stamp pad ink. The diamond wide wheel can also be used in mixed media with acrylic paint on porous surfaces. Likewise, these surfaces need to be tested. Also, take care not to overload the wheel with acrylic paint, otherwise, the little diamond-shaped dots might turn into blobs.
Similarly, to most of the texture or decorative wheels, the diamond wide wheel is not only for use on pewter or other metals but can also be used for polymer clay as well as air-dry clay. Explore with other mediums, there might be a couple of more uses for the diamond wide texture wheel as well as with the other decorative texture wheels.

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Weight0.0625 lbs
Dimensions5 × 0.375 × 0.375 in

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