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MercArt Texture Wheel – Diamond Narrow Wheel


Decorative Texture Wheel | Diamond Narrow Wheel

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The Diamond Narrow Wheel

Use the narrow diamond wheel as a decorative border design, but also to create interest in backgrounds.
  • The handle is a convenient 4.25 inches long (± 11 cm)
  • Wheel width 1/8 inches (± 3 mm)
  • A convenient wide groove in the handle for resting a finger when using.

Creating Texture Using the Narrow Diamond Wheel

There are so many possibilities when it comes to the diamond narrow wheel.
In addition to using the wheels for decorative borders, they can also be used to add texture to a design. These textures are not only for when working with pewter or metals but also with metal tape, which is becoming more popular among artists and crafters alike. Similarly, to the diamond wide wheel, the diamond narrow wheel creates a line or row of small diamond-like dots and the line is 1/8 inch wide. On pewter and most other metals, however, you need to look closely to see the diamond shapes. It almost looks like rows of tiny dots.  As with most of the wheels, it is best to work in short front-to-back movements with the diamond narrow wheel, while continuing to move forward on the metal with the texture wheel. This creates a better texture than rolling the wheel only forward.
Similarly, to most of the texture or decorative wheels, the narrow diamond wheel is not only for use on pewter or other metals but can also be used for polymer clay as well as air-dry clay.

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