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MercArt Refiner


MercArt Refiner | An essential tool for metal embossing.


MercArt Refiner

The MercArt refiner is one of the essential tools when doing metal embossing. It has a convenient metal handle with a place to rest your finger, providing more control over the tool when embossing. The handle is about 4.25 inches long.

Metal Embossing Refiner Tools

There are two metal embossing refiner tools to choose from.
The one tool is double-sided, with the refiner on one end and a stylus on the opposite side. The refiner looks like a small spoon, and the stylus is a small ball. Metal embossing styluses come in a variety of different ball sizes. Some are double-sided, while others only have the ball on one end.
The second tool only has the refiner on one end, and it looks like the end of the point is bent, similar to a hockey stick. The bent end works well when refining long straight embossed lines.
Which one is the better one? The better MercArt refiner is the one you prefer or the one that works best for you. They both have the same function, namely, to refine embossing lines.
For the most part, the bent refiner is convenient for refining longer embossing lines; however, it takes a bit of practice to use the bent end when refining an embossed circle. There is a way to make refining around the embossed circle easier using the bent end. In this case, you will keep the bent end of the refiner against the embossed circle line and move your metal. Ensure the bent end stays close to the line or design that needs refining. Moving the metal while keeping a metal embossing tool still works for more than just the MercArt refiner. The more you practice, the easier it will become, as with everything else.
The refiner with the spoon not only refines the embossed lines but also flattens the little groove that sometimes appears when embossing.
No matter your choice, a MercArt refiner is essential in your metal embossing toolkit.

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