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MercArt Basic Metal Embossing Tool Set


This set contains all the basic tools you will need to start your metal embossing journey.

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MercArt Basic Metal Embossing Tool Set

The MercArt basic metal embossing tool set has eight double-sided tools.
The eight basic metal embossing tools in the set are:
  • Three (3) ball and cup metal embossing tools, namely #2, #4, and #6
  • Two (2) Teflon tip styluses
  • One (1) tool with texture wheels on both ends
  • One (1) tool with a texture wheel on one end and a brass brush on the opposite end
  • One (1) metal embossing tool with a bent refiner on one end and a stylus ball on the other.

Essential Metal Embossing Tools

The tool set contains essential metal embossing tools: a refiner, a stylus, and Teflon tools. The texture wheels and ball and cup tools are essential for some metal embossing artists; however, they are a “nice to have” for others.
The texture wheels are great for adding texture and decorations to a metal embossing project. They also allow you to cover a big area in a small amount of time. Framing a design using the texture wheels is also popular in metal embossing.
The ball and cup tools in the set have many different uses. The most popular is to create perfect domes in various sizes. One can also use the cup part to add interest to a metal embossing design. By the way, there are more sizes of ball and cup metal embossing tools available than the three in the metal embossing tool set. Have a look at the other sizes available here.
The brass brush side at the opposite end of the third texture wheel is a metal embossing tool overlooked by many metal embossing artists. Using the tool in circular movements on pewter, or any other metal for embossing, you can create a satin finish on the metal. This satin finish can disguise many marks picked up on the metal while embossing.

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