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MercArt Basic Metal Embossing Tool Set (8 Double-Sided Tools)


This set contains all the basic tools you will need to start your metal embossing journey.

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Ready to start a metal embossing journey? This embossing tool set will be all the tools you need to get started. Tools that will be added later will be for convenience and a variety of decorative items. Additional decorative tools will also speed up your metal embossing project.

Included in the embossing toolset are  8 double-sided tools:

  • 3 ball and cup tools

  • 2 teflon tools – deerfoot and pointed end and two round points

  • 1 double-sided texture wheel – horizontal lines narrow and dot dot line

  • 1 double-sided tool with texture wheel (decorative dashes) on one end and brass brush on the opposite end

  • 1 double-sided tool with a bend refiner on one end and a small ball refiner/stylus on the opposite end.

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