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Leaf Texture Plate


Plate with Texture for Metal and Clay | Leaf

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Leaf Texture Plate

The leaf texture plate can also be used when working with clay or polymer clay.

How to use the Plate

This texture plate can be used to create a leaf border on any metal embossing project. When embossing flowers and leaves are needed for the stem, this will work perfectly too.
When using the plates for clay, the best practice will be to dust the plate with a light dusting of cornstarch to ensure the clay release when removing it.
The leaf will be embossed on the front of the pewter.
Showing how the back of the leaf design looks on pewter. The cavity can be filled with a filler to prevent dents later in the leaf design.

Additional information

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Dimensions8 × 1.5 × 0.25 in

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