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Lead Free Pewter Sheet, Medium (36 gauge) 8 inches x 8 inches 4-Pack


Lead Free Pewter Sheet | 8-inches x 8-inches sheets, 36 Gauge or ± 0.150 mm


8 x 8-inch Lead Free Pewter Sheet

This 8 x 8-inch lead free pewter sheet is the perfect size for travelling embossing artists, also for use at home. Big enough to create medium-sized artwork projects or a couple of smaller ones. 

Ideal for Pewter Artwork Projects

These pewter sheets are so convenient to have when one wants or needs to create embossed artwork. Grab embossing tools and start creating.
8 x 8-inch canvas or substrate are trendy sizes for any art medium, which goes for pewter artwork.  As embossing artists, we try to use every inch of our metal to reduce waste. When unused areas are left on the pewter sheet, not part of the artwork, and it can be cut away, this will be the perfect opportunity to create embellishment or smaller embossing designs for another project. As mentioned before, the lead free pewter sheet size is ideal for filigree designs because of the popular measure. A dry needle cutter is perfect for filigree work. The cut-outs from the filigree will leave one with plenty of the pewter to use as small embellishments, pending on the filigree design. Use a different metal under the filigree pewter artwork to bring out the colour. Copper or copper-colored aluminum will be an excellent complementary color to use with the lead free pewter sheet. Incidentally, use decorative paper under the filigree design if there is not another color metal available.
By the way, dividing the 8” x 8”’ square into smaller squares will work perfectly for embellishment on greeting cards or small pewter artwork – for example, embellishments like flowers or small critters. Think of small tiles used separately or combined on a bigger blank or substrate like a canvas. Create a design for stand-alone projects. For the most part, as embossing artists, our creativity is only limited to our imagination.
All four hands were cut out from an 8 x 8-inch lead free pewter sheet, also the Fleur de Lis.

Additional information

Weight0.425 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 0.625 in

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