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Heart Picture Frame Kit


Wooden Heart Picture Frame | DIY Decorative Frame

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Heart Picture Frame Kit

This wooden heart picture frame has a nice area to add some embossed metal or pewter too. The wooden rectangle has a heart cut-out to place the picture.

Wooden Heart Picture Frame

There is a small bonus to this heart picture frame kit. The pewter provided in the kit covers the whole rectangle of the picture frame. When engraving or embossing the pewter, pay attention to where the heart will be cut out – it is marked on the design sheet of the kit – and decorate the heart. Continue with the design or have a different design on the heart. It will be cut out and can be used separately or with another project. As for tools, basic tools are needed to complete this project, and all are included in this basic toolset, also available from Esmeric Art.
There are many picture frame ideas out there, what makes this one different is that it can be completely personalized. Need a wedding gift? There is a blank canvas for your picture frame decorating ideas. For example, add a line or two of the bride and groom’s favorite song next to their photo, their names with the wedding date, or lastly, add their timeline from when they have met to their wedding date. The possibilities for wedding photo frame ideas are endless.
Picture frame ideas for newborn babies are plenty; add the date, time, their weight, and their length as part of the frame, ready for the new parents to add the photo. The design space available on this wooden heart picture frame in the kit is what is making it a popular choice.
There are so many more picture frame decorating ideas that come to mind for using with this heart picture frame. By the way, the design sheet included in the kit can be used as-is, there are three designs to choose from, or be used as a guideline only. Where it comes to photo frame ideas for decorating, this kit is a winner. 

Engraving or Etching Design


Grid Design


Sentiment with Heart Design


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Weight0.43 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 0.375 in
Frame Design

Engraving or Etching Design, Grid Design, Sentiment with Heart Design

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