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Hamsa Metal Embossing Plate


Metal Embossing Texture Plate | Hamsa Hand

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Hamsa Metal Embossing Plate

The actual hand size is 5-inches tall and 4-inches wide, and the Hamsa metal embossing plate is 4.68-inches x 6.5-inches.

Hand of Fatima

Metal embossing texture plates are a quick and easy way to create an embossed metal design. The Hamsa hand, most popular, goes by various names. Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hand of Mother Mary, and Hamesh.
Traditionally it has a human eye in the center of the palm; however, more modern designs of the Hamsa hand don’t contain the eye. The Hamsa metal embossing plate has a circle in the center of the palm, surrounded by dots and circles, resembling a flower. The circle allows for adding a glass bead into the center of the flower circle, optional, mimicking an eye.
To create a design using the embossing texture plates, you need to place your pewter or metal of choice onto the texture plate. Secure your metal with painters or masking tape. The next step would be to start rubbing over the metal, using a paper stump to transfer the design or texture onto your metal. One can achieve two different looks, positive and negative, pending which side of your metal you place on the metal embossing texture plates. For instance, placing your metal face-side up onto the texture plate will give you a raised or embossed effect. However, placing your metal face-side down onto the texture plate will provide an indented design. By the way, this allows you to create two different pieces of art using the Hand of Fatima texture plate.
There is no right or wrong way to mount your hand. In this case, you can mount your Hamsa hand in an up or a down position. For instance, mounting the hand in an “up” position symbolizes protection and repels negativity, while mounting it in a “down” position symbolizes abundance, goodness and blessings.

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