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Greek Key Texture Plate


Plate with Texture for Metal and Clay | Greek Key

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Greek Key

This traditional Greek key design is perfect to use with pewter, aluminum foil, and copper. 

Greek Key Pattern

The Greek key design is a popular design and is used throughout the design world. It is seen on cushions, drapes, and more as home accents or décor, on buildings in architecture, and also in art.
The Greek key is a basic linear pattern made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself. Although most associated with Greece, there were variations of the design found on Egyptian tombs, ancient Chinese buildings, and Mayan carvings.
The Greek key is a perfect solution for linear borders on pewter art or metal embossing art. The Greek key pattern can also be used as a stand-alone design.
How to use the Greek key texture plate? There are two different looks, pending if the pewter’s front or backside is placed on the texture plate. Placing the back of the pewter onto the texture plate, the Greek key design will be raised or embossed. Once the pewter has been secured to the Greek key texture plate, a paper blending stump is used to rub over the pewter, following the design. The closer the pewter is worked to the texture plate, the neater the design will be. Once the design is clear, use a Teflon tool to outline the design before removing the pewter from the texture plate.
The raised or embossed cavity on the back can be filled with various fillers to ensure it does not dent when pushing hard on it.
Placing the front of the pewter on the texture plate will create an indented or engraved Greek key pattern.
Embossed design
Indent or engraved design.

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