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Flower Texture Plate


Possible Jewelry Texture Plate | Flower

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Flower Texture Plate

Create a row of perfect flowers on pewter, other metals, or clay using this texture plate, a paper stump, and a stylish or Teflon tool.

Turn the Flowers into Jewelry.

Create flower jewelry using the flower texture plate. Place the backside of the metal onto the plate and secure it. Rub all over the design using your finger and then a paper stump. Where possible, try and push the metal as close to the design on the plate. Getting the metal as close to the design will create a crisper flower, once removed from the plate. To get a real crisp design, use either a stylus or one of the Teflon tools and outline the design on the metal. When completed, lastly give it a quick go-over with the paper stump.
After, remove the metal from the plate. Fill the cavities on the back of the metal with a filler of choice. Personally, beeswax stays tops and most economical as a back filler, compared to other fillers tested. Once the filler has hardened, a patina or a blackening agent can be used to add definition to the flowers. The metal can be sealed with a clear lacquer spray at this point. Please take care when patina was used, as it can be corrosive to tools if not sealed. It is safe to use the MercArt Dry Needle Cutter on metal after patina, but it must be sealed before starting the cutting process. Most blackening agents do not have this problem and can be sealed after.
Use a dry needle cutting tip and cut out the flowers. Ordinarily, one would need two flowers for each jewelry piece, however, by using a different backing, only one flower will be needed. When using two flowers, cut out one as close to the design as possible without cutting into the design. For the second flower, cut wider than the flower, leaving a thin strip of metal to be folded over to the back … not too wide. Glue the flowers together, back-to-back, make double sure the glue will be compatible with the beeswax, or filler used. Spend time neatening the joint or folded seam line. Decide which end of the flower will be the top and make a hole. To make the hole, use the dry needle cutter or another thick needle. Take care not to make the hole too big. Add a jump ring. Polish the flower to remove all marks and seal with clear lacquer spray. Add a chain or earring hoops or hooks.
When only one flower will be used to complete the jewelry piece, find a suitable backing, for example, leather or vinal, cut to shape and adhere to the back of the flower, again making sure the glue used is compatible with both the filler and backing used. Once the backing is secure, continue as for two flowers.

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