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Embossing Stylus Set


Embossing Stylus Set | Essential for your embossing process.

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Embossing Stylus Set

There are three styluses in the embossing stylus set. Two are double-sided, and the third only has a ball on one end.
  • The smallest ball size is 0.033 inches (±0.85 mm).
  • The biggest is 0.114 inches (±2.89 mm).
  • The comfortable wooden handle is just-just under 4 inches (± 10 cm).
  • The polished ball tips prevent damage to the surface of your projects.

Embossing Stylus

An embossing stylus is one of the essential tools in metal embossing. Metal embossing artists use it for various tasks during the embossing process. The first use would be to transfer the design onto the metal. Embossing, refining, and refining after high relief are the most popular uses for the pewter tool. Next would be to do etching, or mark-making on the metal with the pewter tool, pending the project. Because it is metal on metal, there will be occasions when you need lubrication on the metal to ensure the stylus glides over the metal. When working with stencils in metal embossing, the embossing stylus comes in handy to create neat lines by pushing the metal up close to the stencil.
An embossing stylus is used not only for metal embossing but for various other crafts too. The stylus is popular with decorators, crafters, artists, and designers. It is excellent for embossing paper, dotting, and even nail art. Besides these uses, it is also a popular tool for clay projects.
The embossing stylus is a perfect choice for tracing embroidery patterns to fabric. Furthermore, it is a great tool to use when transferring patterns onto transfer paper.
Use this versatile stylus to apply tiny dots of paint or ink to your project. The ball ends provide sharp, precision points you can count on. It will be a learning curve at first, but as the say goes, “practice makes perfect.”
Polymer clay artists use the stylus from the embossing stylus set to draw smooth lines and decorations before baking the polymer clay. Another use for the stylus is when working with leather; in this case, the leather needs to be damp when tracing the design onto the leather using the stylus.

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