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Embossed Metal Journal Cover


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Workshop | Embossed Metal Journal Cover

Use basic techniques working with pewter to create a design for a journal cover.  Choose from a variety of designs.


Embossed Metal Journal Cover

Create the perfect gift for a friend, a family member or even yourself.
Use basic metal embossing techniques on pewter to create a design for the journal front cover. You can also use stencils to create the design. The stencil design can then be further embellished using one or all the basic metal embossing techniques.
  • Price: $42.50 (GST Included)
  • Journal: 6-inches x 8.5-inches
  • Pewter: 4-inches x 4-inches
  • Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm OR 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • All supplies included

Journal Front Cover

You will also have the option to decorate the front cover to complement the embossed design for the journal cover. Paint the journal cover background using acrylic paints. Repeat the embossed design on the journal front cover using acrylic paint or extend the design from the embossed design onto the background of the front cover.
You will trace the design onto the pewter. After transferring the design to the pewter, the next step will be to decide which basic metal embossing techniques to use. You can use one or all three of the basic techniques. When you use a stencil for your design, you can apply one or all the basic techniques to enhance the design once you remove the stencil. Use essential handheld tools to emboss the design, similarly when using a stencil. Personalize the journal’s front cover with an initial or even a name.
Once the design is finished, you will apply a blackening agent to give depth and definition to your embossed design. You can choose between patina, a chemical process that will darken the pewter. Afterward, you will polish your pewter back to a shine. You can also use a water-based black permanent marker as the blackening agent. In this case, you will cover your embossed design with the permanent water-based marker, wait a minute or two and wipe away the access, leaving some black behind to create depth and definition.
Optional – add a border around the pewter embossed design using either copper or silver metal tape.
Lastly, glue your pewter embossed art to the journal’s front cover.
An embossed metal journal cover is the perfect gift to create in only three hours; everyone needs a book, notebook, or journal.

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1. Saturday October 2, 2021; 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, 2. Wednesday October 20, 2021; 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, 3. Wednesday March 9, 2022; 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, 4. Saturday March 19, 2022; 10:00 am – 1:00 pm