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DIY Ornaments Kit


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DIY Ornaments | Christmas Tree Ornament Sets

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DIY Ornaments

These Christmas tree ornament sets are a perfect DIY project for the whole family. There are DIY ornaments per kit. Soon there will be a choice to which four tree ornaments to add to a kit.  

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas tree ornament set contains 4 wood cut-outs in the shape of Christmas ornaments. There are 8 shapes available. Currently, the sets are prepacked but soon, there will be an option to choose the tree ornaments to make up a set. In addition to the wood cut-outs, there are also 8 pewter squares, two for each shape, 8 double-sided adhesive squares, and four ties, or stings to hang the handmade ornaments. Lastly, the kit contains instructions on how to create the handmade Christmas ornaments and four designs, one for each shape, to complete the ornaments. These designs are guidelines, let the imagination flow.
To complete the handmade Christmas ornaments, a couple of tools will be needed. Some might already be in a crafter’s toolbox. The tools needed for the DIY ornaments are the three basic work surfaces Mat Set for Metal Embossing, stylus, or Teflon tool, blackening agent, and a sealant. Scissors or a dry needle cutting tip to cut around the design in the shape of the ornament.
The handmade ornaments can also be personalized, for example, “baby name” first Christmas, only a name, a date with the location, and more. Afterward, it can become an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come.

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