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Diamond Block and Gap Wheel


Diamond Black and Gap Wheel | MercArt Texture Wheel for Metal Embossing and Polymer Clay

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Diamond Block and Gap Wheel

Roll this texture wheel over your metal or polymer clay to create a continuous line of small diamond squares. The handle is steel and 4.25-inches long, with a resting spot for a finger. These features make the narrow diamond block and gap texture wheel a pleasure to use.
Fill in complete backgrounds on metal embossing projects using a variety of texture wheels. The texture wheel narrow diamond block and gap are only one of many texture wheel options to use. Another option is to create a design using only texture wheels.
Wheel tin embossing tools are a quick way to add decorative borders to metal sheets or embossed metal projects. One can create two different-looking frames or edges using the same texture wheel. For example, using the wheel on the front of metal will make an engraved or etched look. However, working with the texture wheel on the back of the metal will result in a raised border or edge. The raised edge will have an embossed or low relief look to it. The versatility of the texture wheels, including the diamond block and gap wheel, are endless. Texture wheels are only one of many tin embossing tools used in metal embossing.
Furthermore, using the tin embossing tools or texture wheels on polymer clay, as they say, a little imagination can go a long way. For thicker rolled-out clay, the texture of the wheels will show up best when rolled on the front of the clay. However, when the polymer clay is thinly rolled out, similarly to the metal sheet, one can roll the texture wheels either on the polymer clay’s front or back. The look one wants to achieve will determine whether to roll the diamond block and gap wheel or any of the other texture wheels on the front or the back of the thinly rolled clay.

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