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Diagonal Lines and Gap Texture Wheel


Diagonal Lines and Gap Texture Wheel | MercArt Pattern Wheels for Metal Embossing and Polymer Clay

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Diagonal Lines and Gap Texture Wheel

The diagonal lines and gap texture wheel contains short diagonal line blocks. These lines make up the block before the gap, and then there is another block with diagonal lines after the gap or opening. Add the blocks and gaps together, and you have a wheel for creating texture on both metal and polymer clay.

Add Movement or Grunch to Projects with Metal Embossing Hand Tools

For the most part, one can refer to a metal embossing texture wheel as a metal art rounding tool. Not so much that it creates a circle, although doable, but mainly because it rounds off projects or designs. As a metal art rounding tool, using the texture wheel, create borders around the embossed designs on the sheet metal, therefore rounding it off. Similarly, use it on polymer clay to achieve a rounding-off look.
Using metal embossing hand tools, one can achieve two distinct looks, especially using the diagonal lines and gap texture wheel. The first one is movement. The blocks between the gaps have diagonal lines, which usually convey the feeling of movement. Because they are not vertical or horizontal, they create the illusion that they will fall or be in motion. When planning to use a metal art rounding tool or texture wheel to add detail or a border, keep this in mind.
The second look one can achieve with these metal embossing hand tools is a grunge look. The gap between the diagonal lines creates the perfect grunge feel. It makes textured and gritty backgrounds, and as for borders, the diagonal lines and gaps create an uneven or torn-like edge. Furthermore, it can also add a worn, faded or aged element to the metal embossed or polymer clay project.
By the way, use the diagonal block with gap texture wheel in conjunction with the diagonal lines narrow wheel for a more polished grunge look. For example, use the MercArt diagonal lines narrow wheel on the sides when creating a border and change to the diagonal lines with gaps texture wheel when getting closer to the corners.

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