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Decorative Dashes Texture Wheel


Decorative Dashes Texture Wheel | MercArt Embossing Tools and Texture Wheels

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Decorative Dashes Texture Wheel

The decorative dashes texture wheel is a great way to add texture to metal, metal clay, leather and polymer clay. Running dashes or stitching is a popular design and works well on paper. Run the texture wheel over an ink pad and then onto paper, perfect for a stitched look.

Stitches or Dashes Texture in Art

Adding texture in art is popular. MercArt embossing tools, especially the texture wheels, are great to add texture to any project, especially metal embossing or pewter art projects. The beauty of the decorative dashes texture wheel, as with any of the MercArt embossing tools, is one can use it on the front or the back of the metal. For instance, using the wheels on the front of the metal will achieve an engraved effect or mark-making effect. In comparison, using it on the back of metal will create an embossed effect on the front, also known as low relief.
Decorative running dashes are a popular design to use in papercrafts. For example, there is no need to pull out a sewing machine when making greeting cards. Glue a piece of paper onto another piece, then run your texture wheel over an ink pad, roll it around the edges of the top piece of paper, and there’s a stitched border or frame.
Using the same wheel can give two different frames, pending rolling the wheel on the front or the back of the metal. Likewise, using the running stitches wheel on metal can also create a border or frame. Decide beforehand the look you would like your border or edge of decorative running dashes to have. The look you desire will determine working on the metal’s front or back using the texture wheel.
Incidentally, the MercArt embossing tools are popular tools for use with clays of all sorts, for example, metal clay, polymer clay and even airdry clay.

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