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Creative Paperclay 16 oz


Creative Paperclay | 16 oz

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Paper Clay by Creative

The paper clay by Creative is ready to use out of the packet. It air dries in one to four days, pending the thickness of the project and the humidity.

Air Dry Paper Clay

The Creative paper clay is a natural material, which is white and very pliable. A great product for sculpting as details can be added while still moist. The air dry paper clay is ready to use out of the packet. Take care to close or seal the packet well, as left-over clay will dry out in the packet. The air dry paper clay can be used in molds. Always a good idea to dust the molds with talcum powder or corns starch
Once dried, or cured, it can be sanded and painted with a variety of paints. Use for sculptures, ornaments, wall hangings, and more. Perfect to use in mixed media projects as it adheres to wood, canvas, and a variety of other surfaces without glue. 

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Dimensions5.875 × 3.75 × 1 in

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