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Craft Aluminum Sheet


Craft Aluminum Sheet | 36 Gauge Aluminum (12″ x 24″) for Metal Embossing and Crafts

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Craft Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheets are a popular choice for beginner metal embossing artists. The main reason being, it is more cost-effective than pewter.

Aluminum Embossing Foil

To begin with, many metal embossing artists started with aluminum; and no, it is not the aluminum we are using in our kitchen. This aluminum is substantially thicker than ordinary kitchen foil.  The aluminum sheet gauge is 36 gauge, the same as pewter.  In comparison to pewter, the aluminum is slightly stiffer to work with. However, when starting and never worked with pewter metal, one will not know that aluminum is somewhat more rigid than pewter.
Craft aluminum sheet is the perfect metal to practice with when starting. One can use the same essential metal embossing tools on aluminum as on pewter. For instance, tracing a design onto aluminum can be done with either a pen, pencil or a stylus, the same as with pewter. With the aluminum sheet gauge being 36, the same gauge as pewter, it is easy to emboss. Beyond being slightly stiffer than pewter, the metal embossing process is the same.
Aluminum embossing foil is perfect for both small and big projects. It is available in rolls (12” x 24”), although Esmeric Art can provide longer than 24” rolls upon request. Aluminum sheet craft is popular in schools and with children. Again, it can be the cost that factors into this. It is
Ideas about using aluminum sheet craft are embellishments on scrapbooking projects, greeting cards, mixed media, and many more.
How to work with aluminum? Like pewter or any other metal, use freehand designs, or start by tracing a design onto the aluminum embossing foil. After transferring the design, decide which part of the design will be engraved, embossed and whether there will be high relief. Next, start embossing the design, using essential tools or more advanced tools when available. Follow the same workflow, leaving high relief till last.
Backfill the design with beeswax or filler of choice. The craft aluminum sheet is ready for finishing touches. Add blackening agent and seal project.

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