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Colored Metal Embossing Sheets


Colored Metal Embossing Sheets | 5 Colored Foil Sheets for Metal Embossing, Crafts, Scrapbooking and More

We do our utmost best to eliminate scratches on the colored aluminum; however, some arrive with marks from our supplier.


Colored Metal Embossing Sheets

These sheets are a fun way to introduce metal embossing to the young artist. The colored foil is color plated with various colors, making it easy to sand off the color.

Aluminum Sheet Art

Do you want to create definition and contrast in your metal embossing art but are not ready for the blackening and patina process yet? The color metal embossing sheet is the perfect solution.
These color coated sheets are perfect for aluminum sheet art. They are available in a sample pack in five colors: blue, copper, green, and red. The fifth color is aluminum or silver. Trace or sketch a design onto the colored foil and start the embossing or engraving process.
Emboss the design onto the sheet. Take the embossed aluminum sheet and place it front side up on a hard surface. Using a sanding block, start sanding the color away on the raised or embossed areas. Sanding will leave the natural silver color of aluminum. This will also work for engraving or mark-making. Next, using a stylus or a Teflon tool, engrave a design on the front of the colored metal embossing sheets. In this case, make sure the engravings are deep enough, so when sanding the background, the color will stay behind in the engraved details. The background will be silver. Using the colored foil this way is ideal for high lighting names etc. The embossing and engraving process will work for all the color aluminum sheet art, except the silver. The silver has no color coating; therefore, it cannot be sanded to remove color. However, blackening with a water-based marker can be done to add definition.
The color metal embossing sheet is ideal for smaller embellishments for scrapbooking, art journaling, mixed media projects and greeting cards. Emboss a couple of smaller designs on one of the 6-inch by 6-inch square colored metal embossing sheets, sand away the color and keep the embossed aluminum sheet handy to cut out the embellishments as needed.

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