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Christmas Gift Tags Kit


Christmas Gift Tags | Make Your Own Holiday Gift Tags

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Christmas Gift Tags

Make your own holiday gift tags with this kit. For the most part, it is a kid-friendly kit, however, younger ones might need some help or supervision.

Metal Adhesive Tape

This Christmas gift tags kit contains all the items needed to complete the tags, except for a couple of tools. Most of the tools needed will be in a crafter’s toolbox, or if not, use something similar. These tools are also available from our online store. Tools that are needed are glue, a stylus, a blackening agent, coloring agents like Sharpie pens, and optional lacquer spray to seal the color agents.
To make your own holiday gift tags, all the instructions are included with the kit. What makes these Christmas gift tags fun is the use of metal adhesive tape. The tape is shiny, yet one can write on it, or color with alcohol-based markers and pens like Sharpies. The best is always to seal it, as the ink can rub off with time.
Cut-out shapes are included, but more can be added to the cardboard if needed before applying the metal adhesive tape. Once the metal tape is smoothed out and full adhesion is achieved, it is easy to personalize the tags. For instance, to make Christmas to and from tags, turn the tags around and write TO: and FROM: on the back. Use an ordinary pen or pencil, as the cardboard is soft enough and the to and from will be engraved into the tag.
Do not need Christmas to and from tags? These tags are so cute, add string (included in the kit) or ribbon (not included) and use it as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

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