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Chicken Wire Arts and Crafts


Decorative Chicken Wire for Arts and Crafts

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Chicken Wire Arts and Crafts

The possibilities for chicken wire arts and crafts are almost endless. From the kitchen to the garden, there will always be a spot to display arts and crafts from chicken wire.

Mini Chicken Wire for Crafts

Also, refer to as chicken wire netting, or chicken wire mesh, the holes in the mini chicken wire for crafts are smaller than the chicken wire used for chicken coops. Using chicken wire for crafts is popular, not only for display but especially for usable crafts.
Decorative chicken wire frames are popular items to make, using the mini chicken wire, for example, the frames can be used to hang photos on, or clip notes on with small pegs. It is also popular for decorative storage such as jewelry display. The decorative chicken wire can also be shaped in the form of dress forms, which is especially popular around the holiday season, decorating it in lieu of a Christmas Tree. Generally, it is used more often during the season for garlands and wreaths. An easy way to craft a wreath is to cover a paper mache star with chicken wire and then add some greens or flowers to the wire. 
The chicken wire for crafts can be added to a project as an accent and does not always have to be the star of the project. 
The color of the decorative chicken wire can easily be changed using some StazOn Metallic or any other color StazOn Ink Pads. Rub the ink pad over the wire and allow enough drying time before touching. Always good to seal after.
Lastly, the chicken wire is galvanized and can also be used as a background for metal embossing projects.

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