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Brayer Roller


Brayer Roller | Smooth out your metal during the embossing process.

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Bryer Roller

Having a brayer roller in your metal embossing toolkit is a bonus. It comes in handy to smooth out your pewter or metal, but it also helps when adding double-sided adhesive tape to your designs.

Hard Rubber Brayer

It is great having a hard rubber brayer among your metal embossing art tools. You might think it is not a tool you will use often, but once you start using it, you will find the value of having a brayer roller. The hard rubber of the brayer is hard enough to smooth out creases on your pewter sheet or metal yet soft enough not to damage your metal.  
Like most MercArt metal embossing art tools, the brayer has a sturdy metal handle approximately 4.5-inches long and a convenient indent for a finger to rest in while rolling the brayer. The roller self is about 0.5-inches in diameter, making for a streamlined little roller. Overall, this brayer roller is sturdy and durable.
Apart from using it to smooth or flatten large areas like backgrounds on your metal or pewter sheet, one can also use the hard rubber brayer with stencils and texture plates. To begin with, secure the stencil to the metal sheet or pewter. Roll the brayer on the opposite side from where the stencil is attached. This action will force the metal or pewter into the pattern. Similarly, with texture plates, you will use the brayer on the metal sheet and press the metal into the design before using your paper stump to push the pewter sheet further into the design of the texture plate.
Apart from complimenting your metal embossing art tools, one can also use this brayer as a printmaking brayer and for stamping. However, when used to add stamp pad ink to cards, or paper, clean it properly before using it on your pewter sheet or metal.

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