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Altoid Tin Crafts Kit


DIY Altoid Tin Crafts

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Altoid Tin Crafts

Ever wondered which is more popular? Altoids mints themselves, or Altoid mint tin crafts. Are the mints more popular because of the cute tin, or are the tin more popular because of the tasty mints?  Does it really matter as, in the end, we can enjoy both?

DIY Altoid Tin Crafts

An Altoids tin is one of the most sought-after containers for crafts. In this case, it does not matter whether it is the actual empty Altoids tin or a brand-new one. Both are equally popular for crafts.
Over the last couple of years, DIY Altoid tin crafts have taken off tremendously. For the most part, the tins have been repurposed for many different things. Uses for Altoid tins are an emergency first aid kit, a pocket tackle box for a fisherman, a pocket watercolor kit for an artist, a mini sewing kit for handbags, to name a few. The Altoids tin dimensions are what makes it so popular. It is big enough to use for storage yet small enough to fit in a handbag or a pocket. Most of the fun lies in the repurposing of the Altoids tin. There are so many ways to approach Altoid tin crafts. The first step would be to determine the uses for Altoid tins. Usually, when that decision is made, for the most part, the rest is easy.
This handy Altoid Tin Crafts Kit eliminates thinking about decorating the tin. The only decision that needs to be made is which stencil will be best for the purpose or the end-use of the tin. Currently, there are four stencils to choose from. The dimensions of the new tin included in the kit are almost identical to the original Altoids tin dimensions. Step-by-step instructions are included, and a few additional items are needed to complete the project. They are a mat set, a paper stump, Teflon tool or stylus, a sanding block, and clear lacquer spray. Doing crafts, these items might already be part of a craft toolbox and can be used for these Altoid mint tin crafts.
Stenciling and sanding all done …  drops stencil > symmetry 2 stencil > feather stencil 

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Weight0.11 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 4 × 1 in
Stencil Design

Drops, Feather, Symmetry 1, Symmetry 2