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Welcome to Esmeric Art How To Videos

I am excited to share the knowledge I have gained on Metal Embossing, Paverpol and Mixed Media over the years with the how to videos. I am a certified instructor in both Metal Embossing and Paverpol, yet I am still learning daily. There is so much to learn but not enough time.

Certified Instructor

I have completed my metal embossing certification with Magdalena Muldoon from MercArt. It was an intense course in Texas, USA, but worth every moment. I am still taking workshops and classes from other pewter and metal embossing artist throughout the world. It is interesting to learn how they are approaching metal embossing projects or the techniques they are using. As metal embossing artists, we can all get a similar result using various embossing techniques and methods for embossing. That is why we can never stop learning. Every artist has something to add. Having the capabilities to do these workshops or classes online has opened a whole new world.
I hope you will find value in the how to videos on metal embossing or pewter art. When there are embossing techniques you are unsure about or would like to learn more about, mention them in the comment section of the videos as that will provide me with information on which kind of how to videos to create for you.
When you notice a question in the comment section of videos that have not been answered yet, and you know the answer, please feel free to respond; sharing and learning together is what is going to make it fun. As I have mentioned, even with a metal embossing certification, I am still open to learning new things daily.
I have always been a big fan of mixed media, which led to the introduction to Paverpol. After working with Paverpol for almost a year, I felt I needed to know more, which led to me becoming a Paverpol certified instructor. I have not looked back since, and I had completed my Paverpol teacher certification with Annet Holierhoek from Orange Wire Art in British Columbia, Canada. As with metal embossing, I am still learning daily about Paverpol as both art forms keep evolving.
I am not a certified instructor in mixed media, but I look forward to sharing what I have learned through videos.